A visualization library for the Artisan build system
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$ cnpm install artisan-ui 
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ArtisanUI is a visual interface for Artisan. See the main documentation site for more details.

File overview

  • package.json: Metadata for npm.

  • rollup.config.js: The Rollup configuration used to transform index.tsx into dist/index.js. Bundles non-external dependencies, erases type annotations, and converts JSX expressions to standard Javascript.

  • cli: The command-line interface exposed (as artisan-ui) when ArtisanUI is installed via npm. artisan-ui serve ... starts a hot-reloading development server and artisan-ui build ... (coming soon!) builds a static site.

  • index.{html|tsx|css}: Assets used (directly or indirectly) by cli to build/serve the ArtisanUI web app.


Install NodeJS and run npm install to install dependencies.

Run npm run watch in the artisan/ui directory to start a watcher that updates dist/index.js whenever index.tsx changes.

To run external tests, run npm link in the artisan/ui directory. This will make the artisan-ui command available as it would be if ArtisanUI was installed from npm/GitHub/etc.

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