arknights data parser and build tools
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$ cnpm install arks-parser 
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arknights data

arknights data parser and build tools



  • imagemagick
  • nodejs v8.x or newer
  • yarn
  • git
  • ffmpeg
  • AssetStudio


mkdir tmp
cd tmp
git clone
cd ..
# make your symlink to AssetStudio output folder
# windows: mklink /j e:\dev\arks\tmp\DB e:\dev\arknights\DB
ln -s path/to/asset/folder DB
yarn build

upload (sync)

edit your .env file (you can find this info in your cookie of wiki)

cp .env.example .env
vim .env

for example:


then enter

yarn sync
yarn sync map
yarn sync book

all commands

# build
yarn build
yarn build char
yarn build map
yarn build skill
yarn build cv
yarn build item

# default+char+map+skill+cv+item
yarn build all

# module manage
yarn sync pull
yarn sync push

# upload
yarn sync
yarn sync char
yarn sync itemimg
yarn sync map
yarn sync cv
yarn sync skillimg
yarn sync book
yarn sync enemy
yarn sync stage
yarn sync tab

# default+char+itemimg+map+cv+skillimg+book+enemy+stage+tab
yarn sync all

# other
yarn sync purge

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