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$ cnpm install arke 
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ἀρχή: how everything started

the initial (starting) point

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Often I found myself looking at a project that I like and thinking: "How does this thing start in the very beginning?", but then, finding the first commit it's not so straightforward; so...this how I met the idea of arke.

What is Arke

Arke is a cli utility, written in JavaScript, that given an owner and a repository will give you the url where you can find the first commit of the repository you are looking for.


$ npm install -g arke

or you can immediately using it without the need of installation with:

$ npx arke


You can use arke in two ways:

  1. passing to the -f flag the repositoryOwner followed by a */ and the repository, for example:
$ npx arke -fglippi/arke
  1. answering the questions that cli will prompt to you, in this case you just have to write arke and hit enter:
$ npx arke

then the cli will ask you for owner and repository name like below:

$ Enter repository name
$ Enter repository author

About the name

ἀρχή is a greek word which means beginning. More details here



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