Download a webpage for archiving purpose
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$ cnpm install archive-web -g
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Download a webpage for archiving purpose

When saving web pages for later use, we would normally use Wayback machine or but sometimes these websites can be unavailable. Therefore, we would sometimes archive web pages to our own static server. archive-web makes archiving easier by downloading the web pages to appropriate folder structure with timestamp similar to Wayback machine, so you can just put the downloaded folder to your static server and it'll work.

If you download then the final link looks like this: https://yourserver/20190724002159/


  • nodejs version >= 8.10.0
Use npm
$ npm install -g archive-web

Use yarn
$ yarn global add archive-web
  • If you want to use headless browsers puppeteer or phantomjs then you have to install website-scraper-puppeteer or website-scraper-phantom, respectively.


archive-web -h

Usage: archive-web [--output-dir <dir>]
               [--use-puppeteer | --use-phantom]
               [--timestamp-format <tf>]
               [-v --verbose]

       archive-web --version

Download one or more URL to a folder named by current local timestamp with default format YYYYMMDDHHmmss.
Can disable timestamp-based folder.
Can change timestamp format.

  URL        You can specify one or more URL for processing.

General Options:
  -h, --help                        Show this help message and exit
  --version                         Print version information
  -v, --verbose                     Show verbose information
  --debug......                     Show debug information [default: false].

Output Options:
  -o, --output-dir <dir>            Name of the parent folder. Default to current folder
  --use-puppeteer                   Use headless browser Chromium
  --use-phantom                     Use headless browser Phantom
  --no-timestamp                    Disable the timestamp folder
  -t, --timestamp-format <tf>       Specify timestamp format supported by `moment` [default: YYYYMMDDHHmmss].
  --utc                             Use UTC time. [default: false].


Archive a web page

$ archive-web

> Download to <current_folder>/20190724002159/

Archive a web page but don't save in a timestamp folder

$ archive-web --no-timestamp

> Download to <current_folder>/

Use milliseconds timestamp

$ archive-web --timestamp-format YYYYMMDDHHmmssSSS

> Download to <current_folder>/20190724003816744/

Use UTC time

$ archive-web --utc

Download multiple web pages at the same time

$ archive-web <site1> <site2> ...



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