Pings an Azure App Service to make sure it is available. This can be used in an automatic deployment to make sure an App Service is ready.
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$ cnpm install appservice-ping 
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You can use this module to ping a site to make sure it is available before you try and deploy to it.

This is useful when deploying to Azure with ARM templates. The deployment will return before the site is actually ready to accept a WAR file. To give Tomcat time to get ready you can use this module to ping the site during your automatic deployment. Once this returns it is safe to copy your WAR file with the deployment task.


npm install -g appservice-ping



Command Line Interface (cli)


appservice-ping [OPTIONS] [ARGS]


  • -u, --url STRING Url to ping (Required)
  • -t, --timeout [NUMBER] Timeout between each retry (Default is 60000)
  • -r, --retries [NUMBER] Number of times to retry (Default is 10)
  • -h, --help Display help and usage details
appservice-ping -u -t 1000 -r 10

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