AppDirect-Express is an Node.js/Express module for integrating applications and services with the AppDirect marketplace platform.
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$ cnpm install appdirect-express 
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AppDirect-Express is an Node.js/Express module for integrating applications and services with the AppDirect marketplace platform.

For more information on AppDirect see their website


I was tasked with integrating an SaaS application with the AppDirect for distribution on IBM Bluemix Marketplace. The AppDirect documentation is good and improving but there wasn't much in the way of node.js examples. I decided to create this project to provide a reusable module for the myself and others.


Install the module as a dependency in your own project with:-

npm install appdirect-express --save

Alternatively you can clone the seed template from here

Getting Started

Using the module is easy

// Require the module. In this case from a local source folder
var appDirect = require('../appdirect-express')

// Create your express app
var app = express();

// Create an appDirect config object (See sample-app-direct.config)
var appDirectConfig = require('./app-direct.config')

// Optionally set use_mocks to true to use the built in mock controllers
// You'll write your own controllers but can test the initial setup with this
appDirectConfig.use_mocks = true;

// Create the appDirect object and pass it a middleware to express
app.use(appDirect(app, appDirectConfig));


The module has a pretty simple structure:-

  index.js - The main module file
  sample-app-direct.config - Config file OAuth credentials
    api-auth.js - OAuth helpers for the api
    api-helpers.js - Helpers for the api
    api-response.js - Middleware for patching the express response object
  mock_controllers/ - Mock controllers for testing purposes only
    api.js - Simple api ping controllers
    addons.js - The addon endpoints controller
    subscription.js - The subscription endpoints controller
    user.js - The user management endpoints controller
    index.js - Module for validating and generating OAuth signatures


Run the following command.

npm test


Feel free to fork the repository and submit pull requests, all contributions are very welcome.


This sample code is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.

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