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$ cnpm install appc-cache 
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Appcelerator Cache Client library Build Status

The library makes it easy to use the Appcelerator Cache API Service. This library is meant to act as a drop-in replacement for the Node Redis Client Library.


npm install appc-cache --save


You must first include the library and create an instance. At a minimum, you must pass in the key and secret values for constructing the client.

var Cache = require('appc-cache'),
    cache = new Cache({
        key: 'MY_KEY',
        secret: 'MY_SECRET'

Once you have created the client instance, you can use it. This library is (generally) compatible with the Redis API.

cache.set('key', 'value', function (err) {
    // set the value

cache.get('key', function (err, value) {
    console.log('cached value is', value);

Redis Client emulation

This library emulates the same API as the redis client. For example:

var redis = require('appc-cache');
var client = redis.createClient({
    key: 'key'
var multi = client.multi();
multi.echo('OK', redis.print);

Using as an Express Session Store

This library provides an Express compatible session store implementation. Example usage:

var app = express(),
    session = require('express-session'),
    Cache = require('appc-cache'),
    CacheStore = Cache.createSessionStore(session),
    options = {
        key: 'mykey',
        secret: 'mysecret',
        ttl: 2000
    store: new CacheStore(options),
    secret: 'keyboard cat',
    resave: false,
    saveUninitialized: false

Using Distributed Locks

This library supports distributed locks. With a distributed lock, only one client can acquire a named lock at a time for a specified duration.

cache.lock('my.lock', 10000, function (err, lock) {

You can extend the lock with the extend method. For example:

cache.lock('my.lock', 10000, function (err, lock) {
    // extend the lock another 10 sec
    cache.extend(lock, 10000);

APIs that are not supported

There are a number of APIs that are not support or not allowed. For example, this library does not support shutdown. For a full list of commands, see the file lib/blacklist.js.

Running the Unit Tests

You can run the unit tests by setting the value of the following environment variables APPC_TEST_KEY and APPC_TEST_SECRET to the values to use for caching. For example:

APPC_TEST_KEY=kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk APPC_TEST_SECRET=ssssssssssssssssssssssss grunt


The library is Confidential and Proprietary to Appcelerator, Inc. and licensed under the Appcelerator Software License Agreement. Copyright (c) 2015 by Appcelerator, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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