Combine an entire season's worth of files into one long video, while also removing intro/outros.
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$ cnpm install anime-megacut 
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Want to binge watch an entire season but get tired of switching between videos and skipping the intro and outro?

Then use megacut to combine an entire season's worth of files into one long video.

It removes all the intro/outros for a more uninterupted viewing experience.


  • Download MKVToolNix Windows installer (64-bit) from here


npm install -g anime-megacut


  • Run megacut -p <path-to-folder>
  • After some time a file called <foldername> - Megacut.mkv should be present in the directory you passed


Files with chapters embeded

Pass -r intro,outro,ending to decide which sections of the video are removed based on chapter name.

Defaults are:

  • Intro
  • Op
  • Opening
  • Eyecatch
  • Closing
  • Ed
  • Ending
  • Preview

Files without chapters

If the files you are merging don't have chapters embeded you need to pass -p


Example usage:

-p 00:01:30-00:21:30
-p 00:01:30-00:15:00,00:15:30-00:21:30


  • Only works on .mkv files
  • Works best on files that have chapters embeded

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