An AngularJS module that automatically prepends 'src' attributes with CDN server paths
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$ cnpm install angular-cdn-src 
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An AngularJS module that automatically prepends src attributes with CDN server paths.


  1. bower install angular-cdn-src --save or npm install angular-cdn-src --save
  2. Add *bower_components/angular-cdn-src/dist/js/*angular-cdn-src.min.js to your page or to your build tool (grunt, gulp, etc...)
  3. Add the module to your angular application: angular.module('myApp', ['lvp.cdnSrc'])
  4. Configure CDN servers
  5. Add the cdn-src attribute to a img element
  <img cdn-src src="img1.png">


Set CDN Servers

Since CDN usage is application specific, you must set the list of CDN server in any application that uses the cdn-src directive.

angular.module('myApp').config(function(cdnSrcConfigurationProvider) {

Use cases

Automatically prepend CDN to every img[src] attribute

Just add a directive (cdn-src) to img tags instead of maintaining the same prefix for all image files.

Automatically distribute image loads between several CDN mirrors

Browsers limit the number of concurrent connections that can be made to every host. Mirroring assets and serving them from multiple hosts is an old trick that can make your website load faster.




  1. git clone
  2. npm install && bower install
  3. lineman spec


  1. Update
  2. git add
  3. lineman build
  4. git add -f dist
  5. git commit -m "Release [current version number]"
  6. git tag [current version number]
  7. npm publish .

Start working on the next version:

  1. Update package.json and bower.json with the next version number
  2. git commit -m "Starting [the new version number]"
  3. git push origin master --tags

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