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$ cnpm install analysis-sdm 
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Visualize aspects of your organization. Extensible, with out of the box support for the following queries:

  • TypeScript
  • Spring Boot (with Maven)
  • Docker
  • Library versions
  • Inclusion of a code of conduct

An example visualization, showing Docker ports:

Docker image visualization


Please use Node 10+.

First, install with npm i.

Next, build with npm run build

Next, npm link to create the spider binary.

spider <github organization> e.g. spider atomist (not the full org URL)

Now start the server with atomist start --local to expose the visualizations.

Go to http://localhost:2866

If you wish to access private repositories, ensure that your GitHub token is available to Node processes via a GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable. (This will never be sent to Atomist.)


There are three architectural layers:

  1. Project analysis framework, from @atomist/sdm-pack-analysis. Scanners extract data
  2. Query functionality.
  3. Simple UI using Handlebars and d3 exposing Sunburst charts.

All three layers are extensible and customizable.

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