A store for use with ampersand or backbone projects and flux dispatchers
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$ cnpm install ampersand-store 
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Use the flux application architecture in your Backbone or Amperand apps. This store will encapsulate your models and collections and register actions on the dispatcher.


npm install ampersand-store


var Store = require('ampersand-store');
var Dispatcher = require('flux').Dispatcher;
var Model = require('ampersand-model');

var MyStore = Store.extend({
    // actions object works similar to backbone events and routes
    // value can be a function or a string reference to a function
    // on the store
    actions: {
        'action:one': 'doFirstAction',
        'action:two': function (payload) {
            this.model.set('value', payload.value);
            console.log('second action invoked on dispatcher', payload.value);
    doFirstAction: function (payload) {
        this.model.set('anotherValue', payload.value);
        console.log('first action invoked on dispatcher:', payload.value);
var globalDispatcher = new flux.Dispatcher();
var model = new Model();
var storeInstance = new MyStore({
    dispatcher: globalDispatcher,
    model: model
    actionType: 'event1',
    value: 'foo'
 // prints "first action invoked on dispatcher: foo" to the console.

API Reference

extend Store.extend(properties...)

To create a Store class of your own, you extend ampersand-store and provide instance properties.

var ToDoStore = Store.extend({
    initialize: function () { ... },
    actions: { ... }

constructor / initialize new Store(options)

Requires a flux dispatcher passed in as options.dispatcher. Callbacks from the actions hash will be registered in the constructor. dispatcher, model, and collection will be attached directly to the store, along with the dispatchToken from registering the callbacks. If the store defines an initialize function, it will be called when the store is first created.


Provides declarative callbacks for actions dispatched on the dispatcher. Actions are written in the format {"actionType": "callback"}. The callback may be either the name of a method on the store, or a direct function body. Actions are registerd on the dispatcher within the Store's constructor.

The actions property may also be defined as a function that returns an actions hash, to make it easier to programmatically define your actions, as well as inherit them from parent stores.

var MyStore = Store.extend({
    actions: {
        'action:one': 'doFirstAction',
        'action:two': function (payload) {
            console.log('second action invoked on dispatcher', payload.value);
    doFirstAction: function (payload) { ... }


Run npm test to run tests in mocha with chai.

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