All4Sale is a simple NodeJS e-commerce website for people promoting garage sale or wanting to make some extra money
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This is a simple NodeJS application to help you promote garage sale online and sell your unused stuff. It can also help you if your moving from one country to another and need to sell everything.


  • Offer products - Based on a YAML file to act as the "database". Can't be simples than this.
  • Sell stuff - No online payments. Whenever someone want's to buy your stuff you will get an email
  • Mobile friendly - Based on Bootstrap 3. Layout as simple as it can be (and ugly as well)
  • Multiple currencies supported - Support offered by numeral
  • Custom pages - Customize the content of the about page (more to come)

Getting Started

git clone
npm install
node index.js

Adding products

Simply edit products.yaml and add all your products.


All available configurations can be changed in config.yaml.

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