A discord bot that posts interesting events for a guild.
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Albion Guildbot

A Bot that posts interesting events about a guild to Discord.

Individual Kill




  • git
  • nodejs


The Albion Guildbot can be set up with either environment variables or directly modifying config.js. The bot was developed against a Heroku environment, where environment variables are preferred.

Step 1 - Create a Discord bot

Using the Discord dev console, set up a Discord bot and add it to your server. You will need the bot's token (found on discord dev console) and the channelID of the channel you want it to post to (found by right clicking the channel in Discord after enabling developer mode in Discord settings). Add these settings either to your config.js directly, or set the appropriate env vars in your environment according to config.js.

Step 2 - Configure to your guild

Copy or rename config.js.dist to config.js. Set your alliance and guild name(s) in config.js or the corresponding environment variables. If set by Environment variable, guilds should be set as a comma-separated string. For example, ALBION_GUILDS="TeamCasualty,Team Casualty 2"

Step 3 - Push to your environment or run locally

3a. Environment example: Heroku

Using heroku, you should already have a Heroku project set up (it will need to be paid if you plan to run the bot 24/7). You should have your heroku repository set as a git source (eg git remote add heroku https://your.heroku.repo).

After setting your environment variables in the Heroku dashboard or via the Heroku CLI, the project can be pushed to heroku via git, eg git push heroku master.

If using heroku, make sure to also set the environment variable HEROKU to true. If you don't, heroku will shut down after not being bound to a port for 60 seconds.

3b. Running locally

To run locally, first you'll need to install the dependencies via npm

npm install

And call the start script to run the bot

npm start


To contribute, fork this repository and make your changes as a branch of the fork. After the changes are functional and ready to merge back in, submit a Pull Request.


If I haven't responded to your PR in a while, if you have any questions, want to chat or just want to see the bot in action, you can join my testing server at

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