Variant of the default Olio theme for aglio, optimized for embeds in Atlassian Confluence
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$ cnpm install aglio-theme-confluence 
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Confluence theme for Aglio based on the Olio default theme

This is Olio-Confluence, a fork of the original Olio theme engine for Aglio, developed specifically to be used in Confluence HTML embeds.

Difference to Olio

  • Necessary html elements for page styling moved from <head> to <body>, since Confluence strips the <head> element
  • Changed to single column display
  • Changed vertical navigation to horizontal navigation

Example use

$ sudo npm install -g aglio
$ aglio -i blueprint.apib \
        --theme-template node_modules/aglio-theme-confluence/templates/index.jade \
        --theme-variables node_modules/aglio-theme-confluence/styles/variables-default.less \
        --theme-style node_modules/aglio-theme-confluence/styles/layout-default.less \
        --theme-full-width -o MyAPI.html

Theme engines for Aglio are described in more detail in the Aglio documentation.

Known Issues

Mind the following issues and limitations when using Aglio-Theme-Confluence in production:

Issue Workaround
#1 Rendered HTML in Confluence displaces footer by 300px
#2 Three-column templates produces broken HTML Use only the (default) two-column layout
#3 Using --theme-full-width does not make any difference Ignore the parameter, the result is always full-width to help with the embed layout

Design Philosophy

Olio is designed from the ground up to be both fast and extensible while maintaining backward compatibility with most of the original Aglio theme. It uses the following technologies:

For backward compatibility, Jade templates can continue to use inline Stylus and CoffeeScript.

Theme Options

Olio comes with a handful of configurable theme options. These are set via the --theme-XXX parameter, where XXX is one of the following:

Name Description
condense-nav Whether to condense nagivation for resources with only a single action (default is true).
full-width Whether to use the full page width or a responsive layout (default is responsive).
style LESS or CSS to control the layout and style of the document using the variables from below. Can be a path to your own file or one of the following presets: default. May be an array of paths and/or presets.
template Jade template to render HTML. Can be a path to your own file or one of the following presets: default.
variables LESS variables that control theme colors, fonts, and spacing. Can be a path to your own file or one of the following presets: default, flatly, slate, cyborg. May be an array of paths and/or presets.

Note: When using this theme programmatically, these options are cased like you would expect in Javascript: --theme-full-width becomes options.themeFullWidth.


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