A cli to help initialize/run JavaScript advent-of-code challenges.
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$ cnpm install advent-of-code 
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A cli to help initialize/run JavaScript advent-of-code challenges.


yarn add advent-of-code
# or install globally
yarn global add advent-of-code


You can configure the advent cli using the command line arguments (documented below) or some of the arguments can be configured via a package.json file.

Below are the available configuration options. If you pass in command-line arguments, they will override your package.json configuration.

  "adventConfig": {
    "year": "2016",
    "nameTemplate": "day{{num}}.js",
    "templateFile": "node_modules/advent-of-code/src/templates/day.js"
package.json key CLI argument Default Description
adventConfig.year -y, --year [year] currentMonth === December ? currentYear : currentYear - 1 When pulling input from, this year will be used.
- -s, --session [cookie] process.env.ADVENT_SESSION The session cookie to use when making requests to You can get this by logging into and inspecting the request in your devtools and see what your cookie value is. Should start with session=.
adventConfig.nameTemplate -n, --name-template [template] 'day{{num}}.js' The filename template to use when running and creating new day files. Wherever {{num}} is in the string, it will be replaced with a two digit (leading 0s) representation of the number will be input. So if the day is 1, using the default template, the filename will be day01.js.
adventConfig.templateFile -t, --template-file [filepath] 'node_modules/advent-of-code/src/templates/day.js' The template file to use when initializing a new day file. It is recommended that you have your own that fits your style. The only requirement is that you export 2 functions: exports.part1 and exports.part2, or just module.exports = { part1, part2 }. You may also export an options object to configure how input is parsed. options.noTrim lets you choose whether or not the input gets trimmed. Default is false.
- -f, --force false A flag used if you want to override an existing file with the template when calling advent init


Display help

advent help

Initialize a day

advent init <day>


  • <day> - The day to initialize. Will create a file using your nameTemplate configuration. You can run advent init <day> again and it won't do anything unless you pass the --force flag.
  • --name-template [template] - See configuration above
  • --template-file [filepath] - See configuration above
  • --force - See configuration above

Run a day's code

$ advent run <day> <part> <input>


  • <day> - The day to initialize. Will use the file in the configuration you set for nameTemplate
  • <part> - The part to run. The day file should export a property called part1 and part2.
  • <input> - The input to give the function. If - is passed, stdin will be used as the input. If + is passed, and you have a session set, then it will pull the input from, or the cached value once it pulls from the first time.
  • --year [year] - See configuration above
  • --session [session] - See configuration above
  • --name-template [template] - See configuration above


  • This module leverages the debug module. Setting DEBUG=advent will print out debug information, such as when this module is pulling from local cache, which days it's trying to run/initialize, and so forth. When reporting bugs, please have the output from this handy so that I can more quickly determine the issue.

  • One thing I liked to do with my local stuff was to store my answers locally along with example inputs (from the descriptions). The goal for this project was to make it easy for someone to upload their solutions to github, and others could pull it down and have it work with their inputs, but if there is interest in providing a "test suite" to test against example inputs and such, then I will do so.


I am not affiliated with or any of their sponsors, employees, pets, or anything relating to them. I am an active participant, and I wanted to make a tool to make it easier to setup and run advent of code things. Please don't abuse This tool could be used to make a lot of automated requests to their site, which is why this tool leverages caching. If you find that you're making too many requests to because of this module, please let me know so I can resolve any issues. If this module is used to abuse, I will unpublish it from npm and remove this code from github.

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