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$ cnpm install adocs 
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Build your documentation using AsciiDoctor, it's fun and richer than plain-old Markdown!

Install adocs globally or within your project:

$ npm i -g adocs # or `npm i adocs --save-dev`

How it works?

The adocs binary (bash-script) will scan your project for **/*.adoc files, and then will invoke asciidoctor to compile them.

Output directory is asciidocfx by design, generated documentation is saved in asciidocfx/docs then.


  • Use --fx to setup and run AsciidocFx for editing and preview your files
  • Use --live to start a live-server from generated documentation
  • Use --watch to watch all *.adoc files and rebuild with nodemon


Use a Makefile to setup a make docs target, e.g.

  @adocs --live $(PORT) & adocs --watch

This way both spawned processes will be stopped at once when SIGINT is received so you don't need to have separated tasks for.

What's the purpose?

Having documentation available to consume is a high-level requirement:

  1. Documentation updates MUST be in sync with latest changes in code
  2. Using pure source code comments is not suitable for non-technical users
  3. Using a separated repository turns this out even more hard to maintain and sync
  4. If you put your documentation too far from where it belongs then reasoning about is not clear

Using tons of files over the repository works fine, it integrates well with GitHub and other VCS platforms, it does not requires much tooling: it just works.

But we need to go beyond: building a user-friendly version for final users, maintaining technical docs for devs, hosting source code, etc.

With adocs we create documentation that can be published as rich documents for the web consumption.

They're are also easy to read and write as Markdown, and hopefully compatible with most of VCS platforms so you can focus only on being creative.

We hope you enjoy!

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