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$ cnpm install addiesaas-frontend-forge 
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AddieSaaS Frontend Forge

CLI tool to help developers to easily forge a development setup for RocketEffect Frontend containers. It build's a development environment by adding RocketEffect Frontend Core and desired frontend container(s) in a single project.

Read RocketEffect Frontend Core documentation for more information on how Frontend Core works.


This is a CLI too and better installed globally.

npm install addiesaas-frontend-forge --global


npm i addiesaas-frontend-forge -g


  1. Open terminal/cmd
  2. Go to an empty directory
  3. Run addiesaas-frontend-forge init
  4. This create a addiesaas-frontend-forge.json file
  5. Update this file to add container name(s) and setup other properties
  6. Run addiesaas-frontend-forge install

addiesaas-frontend-forge.json properties

  "team": "addiesaas",
  "vcs": "",
  "app": {
    "repo": "",
    "branch": "master",
  "containers": {
    "container-client-need2speed-frontend": "master"
  "options": {
    "env-create": true,
    "npm-install": true,
    "npm-run-dev": false,
    "env": {
      "APP_ENV": "local",
      "PARENT_HOST": "",
      "CACHE": "reload",
      "VUE_DIST": "vue/dist/vue.esm.js"
  "config": {

  • app - Refers to the git repo of Rocket Effect Frontend core package along with branch

  • containers - Is an object of container names (keys) and respective branch name (value). For details, see More Information section on container names.

  • options

    • env-create - If set to true, creates .env file and fills with default variables. These can be overwritten by variables defined in env object. For details, see More Information section on Environment Variables.
    • npm-install - If set to true runs npn install
    • npm-run-dev - If set to true runs npn run dev-silent
  • config - For future use.

More information

Container Names

A Rocket Effect containers is a single git repo. The name here refers to the repository name. For example, if the repository url is the name would be container-client-need2speed-frontend

Environment Variables

PARENT_HOST: Url of the RocketEffect installation that hosts the parent wp-plugin.js. For more details on PARENT_HOST, read Frontend Core documentation

PARENT_JS_PATH: Path of wp-plugin.js in the PARENT_HOST. It's usually, /js/wp-plugin.js. For more details on PARENT_JS_PATH, read Frontend Core documentation

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