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$ cnpm install add-asset-to-html-plugin 
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    Add a JavaScript or CSS asset to the HTML generated by html-webpack-plugin


Install the plugin with npm or yarn:

    $ npm i add-asset-to-html-plugin -D
    $ yarn add add-asset-to-html-plugin -D


Options are passed to the plugin during instantiation.

    new AddAssetHtmlPlugin([
        { filepath: require.resolve('./antd.js') },
            filepath: require.resolve('./test.js'),
            isModule: true,
            assetLocation: 'head'


Type: string|Glob, mandatory

The absolute path of the file you want to add to the compilation, and resulting HTML file. Also support globby string.


Type: boolean, default is false

if set true, will add file data to html's script without src


Type: string, default is 'head' ['head', 'frontOfOtherScripts']

First of all, it will be enable with isModule is true. default being added into <head></head>, if set frontOfOtherScripts, will add front of other scripts.

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