Run node.js GitHub Actions locally
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$ cnpm install action-run 
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Run any GitHub Actions that expose a function in module.exports, or any actions-toolkit based GitHub actions locally.

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npm install -g action-run


Provide the event to trigger (e.g. pull_request, see for a full list) and a path to your node based action, and we'll take care of the rest.

action-run <event> </path/to/action.js>


You can specify any of the GITHUB_* environment variables required using either environment variables or command flags.

IMPORTANT: action-run does not allow you to set a GITHUB_TOKEN. If your action needs to interact with the API, you'll need to set this yourself by running export GITHUB_TOKEN="<token here>"

Here's how you'd test a new issue comment being added using flags:

action-run -e ./issue_payload.json -u some-actor issue_comment </path/to/action.js>

Alternatively, you can set those values as environment variables:

export GITHUB_EVENT_PATH=./issue_payload.json
export GITHUB_ACTOR=some-actor
action-run issue_comment /path/to/action.js

To see the current configuration, you can run action-run EVENT_NAME --debug

Name              Value
GITHUB_WORKFLOW   Toolkit Demo Workflow
GITHUB_ACTION     Demo Action
GITHUB_ACTOR      mheap
GITHUB_REPOSITORY mheap/action-run
GITHUB_EVENT_PATH /var/folders/0t/yw3sznns1_5d8jj404h3cbpw0000gn/T/tmp-236061PM5kY7WZhTb
GITHUB_SHA        67a4e61884902fd9291209f9403baf21c4cd72c5

Providing Inputs

In addition to the GITHUB_* environment variables, you may want to provide inputs to your action. You can provide the -i flag multiple times to define your inputs

action-run <event> </path/to/action.js> -i trusted=mheap -i limit=5

Any defined inputs will also be shown when running action-run EVENT_NAME --debug

Name              Value

Available configuration

You can run --help to see the available flags

  $ action-run EVENT_NAME ACTION

  -a, --action=action          [default: Demo Action] Action name
  -d, --workspace=workspace    [default: ./] Path to where the repo is checked out
  -e, --event_path=event_path  Path to a JSON file containing event data
  -i, --input=input            Define an input value
  -r, --repository=repository  [default: mheap/action-run] Repository (in repo/name format)
  -s, --sha=sha                [default: 67a4e61884902fd9291209f9403baf21c4cd72c5] Commit SHA
  -u, --actor=actor            [default: mheap] Actor name
  -v, --version                show CLI version
  -w, --workflow=workflow      [default: Toolkit Demo Workflow] Workflow name
  --debug                      Show the current configuration

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