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$ cnpm install acn-test1 
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TEST Node.js SDK [![Build Status]](


Install the module via npm

npm install acn-test --save

Usage inside your app

var acn = require('acn-test');

var api = new acn-sdk({
    zone: 'zoneId',
    api_key: 'your_access_token'



ACNTEST is distributed under MIT license, see the LICENSE file.

Sample usage of ACNTEST SDK installed with npm in a Node.js project

Don't forget to check examples folder !


npm start                       // installs dependencies and global mocha for testing and jsdox for documentation
npm test                        // runs the mocha tests
npm run-script documentation    // update documentation using jsdox, make sure to have it installed globally

Unit Tests

Mocha tests are placed under /test/ folder. To run the tests, make sure you have all dependencies installed. Check Contributing section for details.

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