Command line interface for bootstrapping and managing acme dapps
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$ cnpm install acme-cli -g
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Acme CLI


npm install -g acme-cli


./bin/acme-cli --help

  Usage: acme-cli [options] [command]


    getheight                              get block height
    getblockstatus                         get block status
    openaccount [secret]                   open your account and get the infomation by secret
    openaccountbypublickey [publickey]     open your account and get the infomation by publickey
    getbalance [address]                   get balance by address
    getaccount [address]                   get account by address
    getvoteddelegates [options] [address]  get delegates voted by address
    getdelegatescount                      get delegates count
    getdelegates [options]                 get delegates
    getvoters [publicKey]                  get voters of a delegate by public key
    getdelegatebypublickey [publicKey]     get delegate by public key
    getdelegatebyusername [username]       get delegate by username
    getblocks [options]                    get blocks
    getblockbyid [id]                      get block by id
    getblockbyheight [height]              get block by height
    getpeers [options]                     get peers
    getunconfirmedtransactions [options]   get unconfirmed transactions
    gettransactions [options]              get transactions
    gettransaction [id]                    get transactions
    sendmoney [options]                    send money to some address
    registerdelegate [options]             register delegate
    upvote [options]                       vote for delegates
    downvote [options]                     cancel vote for delegates
    setsecondsecret [options]              set second secret
    registerdapp [options]                 register a dapp
    contract [options]                     contract operations
    crypto [options]                       crypto operations
    dapps [options]                        manage your dapps
    creategenesis [options]                create genesis block
    peerstat                               analyze block height of all peers
    delegatestat                           analyze delegates status
    ipstat                                 analyze peer ip info


    -h, --help         output usage information
    -V, --version      output the version number
    -H, --host <host>  Specify the hostname or ip of the node, default:
    -P, --port <port>  Specify the port of the node, default: 4096
    -M, --main         Specify the mainnet, default: false


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