Wrapper package containing a pre-built APK version of Accessibility Insights for Android Service
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$ cnpm install accessibility-insights-for-android-service-bin 
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This NPM package is CommonJS module that acts as a thin wrapper around the Accessibility Insights for Android Service APK file. The package bundles a copy of the APK and exports the path and version of the bundled APK (and its associated NOTICE file).

This wrapper package is intended for consumption by Accessibility Insights for Android; we make no guarantees about its API stability or fitness for other purposes.

Note that the apkPath and noticePath exports are defined relative to __dirname, which means that they may not be usable in a bundled environment. For Accessibility Insights for Android, we read them during our build process and copy the files to a location our packaging setup understands.


This wrapper package's version matches the version of the bundled APK. It does not use semantic versioning; we reserve the right to make breaking API changes to the wrapper package without a major version update.

Typescript usage

import { noticePath, apkPath, apkVersionName } from 'accessibility-insights-for-android-service-bin';

console.log(`Absolute path of the APK bundled with the package: ${apkPath}`);
console.log(`APK_VERSION_NAME of the bundled APK: ${apkVersionName}`);
console.log(`Absolute path of the NOTICE file for the APK: ${noticePath}`);

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