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$ cnpm install ac-payloadinspector 
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AC Payload Inspector

A simple tool that inspects JSON payload for properties.


node index.js --payload FILE --schema FILE [--pathToPayload STRING] [--pathToProperties STRING]


  • pathToPayload - path to payload in JSON file (e.g. hits.hits for ES response)
  • pathToProperties - path to properties in each item of JSON file (e.g. _source in ES response)

Schema File

The schema file contains information on the expected properties and the path to the property that shall be used as identifier in console.logs


const _ = require('lodash')

module.exports = {
  identifierPath: 'id',
  fields: [
    { property: 'type', type: _.isString, enum: ['image', 'video'] },
    { property: 'id', type: _.isInteger },
    { property: 'createdAt', type: _.isString },
    { property: 'updatedAt', type: _.isString },
    { property: 'settings', type: _.isObject },
    { property: 'container_name', type: _.isString },
    { property: 'meta_copyright', type: _.isString },
    { property: 'container_description', type: _.isString },
    { property: 'links', type: _.isArray },

Payload File

This is an example payload file from an ES response

              "container_name":"My demo content"

"pathToPayload" must be set to hits.hits as we want to inspect the hits array. "pathToProperties" must be set to "_source" as the actual payload per item is not on root of each hit but within the _source object.


Install this tool using "npm install ac-payloadInspector"



MIT License Copyright © 2009-present, AdmiralCloud, Mark Poepping

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