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Abbyy OCR Wrapper for Node.js

This is a cleaned-up wrapper for the Abbyy OCR SDK. It is heavily inspired by, and by "heavily inspired", I mean I re-wrote it so the code made more sense along with adding a few new doo-hickeys like uploading images to S3

How do I use it?

  • Call create (the only exported function) with your application ID (what the application is called), the application password that was emailed to you and options for processing.
    • This function will return a class that has one function called process.
  • process takes in the file path to the image, optionally what processing you want do (Image, Receipt, etc. Look here for the full list) and a callback.
    • process will send it off the processing and call you back with a JSON object of the results. Woooo! So much easier than their original way. :)

Options to give when instantiate

  • uploadToS3: Whether images should be uploaded to S3 as they are processed
  • s3: Options for when uploading to S3
    • bucket: Name of the S3 bucket to upload to
    • Note: The key of the file will be the key of whatever the file is called
  • urlParams: Any option that Abbyy lists on their API reference. These options will be made into a URL query string and appended.

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