WordNet 3.1 Database files -- DEPRECATED (use wordnet-db)

WNdb has been superceded by wordnet-db. Please update your dependency.
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$ cnpm install WNdb 
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:warning: DEPREACATED - please use wordnet-db :warning:


A package to install WordNet database files for Node.js modules.

Used by wordpos project which is based on natural WordNet module.


npm install WNdb

or in your package.json dependencies:

  "dependencies": {
    "WNdb": "WNdb"

Package is about 10 MB in size and uncompresses to about 34 MB. The DB file WNdb-3.1.tar.gz is unpacked at install time.


This package contains the core DB files of WordNet 3.1 downloaded from WordNet files.

Other "standoff" files may be added in the future.

The purpose of this package is to allow a convenient way to download WordNet files off-line rather than on-demand for node modules that require it.


var WNdb = require('WNdb');
// output:
{ version: '3.1',
  path: 'c:\\wordpos\\node_modules\\WNdb\\dict',
   [ 'data.adj',
     'index.verb' ]


WNdb.path (string) -- the path to the installed WordNet DB files

WNdb.files (array) -- list of file names under the path

WNdb.version (string) -- version string of WordNet database file


v3.0.x are pegged to WordNet 3.0 DB.

v3.0.0 -- includes the uncompressed (text) dict files. On Windows systems, do a git config core.autocrlf false before cloning so that CRLF isn't applied to data files.

v3.0.1 -- this includes the actual WordNet tar file, which is unpacked at install time. There should be no CRLF issues. Uses build-in 'zlib' package, therefore requires node >= 0.6.

v3.1.0 -- updated to WordNet 3.1 DB.

v3.1.1 -- fixed WNdb tar folder structure.


WNdb package: Copyright (c) 2012, 2014, mooster@42at.com (The MIT License)

See LICENSE file for complete Princeton University WordNet(r) License.

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