Assets builders: css, js, sprites.
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$ cnpm install Builders 
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# Builders



    "scannedRootDirectories": [
    "defaultOptions": {
        "folder": "recursive",
        "force": true,
        "forceCss": true
    "bundles": [{
        "name": "main.css",
        "path": "../css",
        "options": {
            "folder": "recursive",
            "force": true
        "files": [

.bundle file

#options folder:recursive,force

The currently available options are:

  • folder - Used as a trigger to transform all files in the folder with this bundle file. If the recursive value is used, a seek will search recursively from this root transforming all files in all folders searched. When the folder option is used, the nobundle option is automatically set. When the folder option is used, listing files in the bundle file does nothing.
  • force - true|false Turn on force compilation of assets even if assets have not been modified. Default false.
  • forceCss - true|false Turn on force mode for css bundles. Default false. It may be useful to turn on this option because css assets (css, sass, less etc.) may include other aseets by @import rule and bundler can not watch this imported assets. May be used only as defaultOptions.



    "outputDir": 		"../images/sprites/ (required)",
    "outputDirForCss":	"/images/sprites/ (required)",
    "inputPath": 		"../images/sprites/raw/ (required)",
    "sassPath": 		"../css/raw/vars-n-mixins/_sprites.scss (required)",
    "padding":			"int (optional, default - 2)",
    "algorithm":		"binary-tree (default) | top-down | left-right | diagonal | alt-diagonal (see"

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