Isomorphic Javascript Framework build in TypeScript
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This repository is the quickstart repository. See http://zeroth.io/guide/quick-start for documentation on how to get started using the Zeroth CLI.

Zeroth is currently in developer preview (alpha) phase. Follow https://twitter.com/zeroth for updates


Zeroth is a typescript full stack framework, with primary goals being cross-environment reusability and api rigidity achieved through strong typing with isomorphic components and documentation/test automation.


  1. Angular(2) at it's core. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, and where possible Zeroth will use Angular components
  2. API first (or only). A Zeroth application can be just a REST api with no frontend
  3. Strict, standards compliant API - strict interfaces for API design conforms to REST standards and best practices, allowing for easy interoperability of components (first or third party)
  4. Common components between front & back end. Models, mocks, utilities etc are all platform independent
  5. Easy integration. A developer should be able to integrate a full stack component with only an npm install
  6. Seamless (and continuous) deployment. Deploys should be completely hassle free, including database migrations

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