Find files with a certain name within a given folder tree
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$ cnpm install @zelgadis87/file-finder 
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Find files with a certain name, within a given folder tree.
Similar to the find Unix command, but portable and with different search capabilities.

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Usage from the CLI

How to use:

Use without installation:

npx @zelgadis87/file-finder <FILENAME> [FOLDER]

This will always use the latest version of file-finder.

Use a globally installed version:

First install file-finder with:

npm install -g @zelgadis87/file-finder

Then, to use, type:

@zelgadis87/fle-finder <FILENAME> [FOLDER]

This will use the globally installed version. You will need to manually update when a new version is available, using:

npm install -g @zelgadis87/file-finder


  • FILENAME: (required) The name of the file to search for (case insensitive). By default, search for files containing the given string (can be overridden by --exact).
  • FOLDER: (default: .) The folder from where the search should be started. By default, the current folder.


  • -e, --exact: Use strict filename matching (case insensitive). Only files exactly equal to FILENAME (extension included) will be returned.
  • -r, --recursive: (default: false) If true, will also traverse subfolders.
  • -n, --maxDepth=maxDepth: (default: 0) The maximum number of subfolders to traverse. By default stops in the current folder. Use --recursive for infinite.
  • --relative: (default: false) If true, output will display as relative paths to the current folder.


> $ npx @zelgadis87/file-finder README
> /current/file/path/README.md
> $ npx @zelgadis87/file-finder README.md --relative --exact
> $ npx @zelgadis87/file-finder README.md --relative --maxDepth=1
> lib/README.md
> $ npx @zelgadis87/file-finder README node_modules --relative --recursive
> node_modules/a/readme.md
> node_modules/b/README
> node_modules/c/docs/README.md

Programmatic usage:

Inside your Node project, type:

npm install @zelgadis87/file-finder

When needed, require file-finder and use it's find method:

let FileFinder = require( '@zelgadis87/file-finder' );
new FileFinder().find( folder, filename, opts );

This will result in a Promise, which will be eventually resolved with a list of files matching the given inputs.


  • folder: Is the relative or absolute folder where the search should start from
  • filename: Is the name of the file you are searching for.
  • opts: [optional]
    • opts.maxDepth: (default: 0) is the maximum number of nested subfolders traversed. Use -1 for infinite.
    • opts.exact: (default: false) whether or not searches for files matching exactly the given name (case insensitive). If false, a contain matching is performed.
    • opts.relative: (default: false) if true returns the relative path to the matched files, otherwise the full path is returned.

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