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$ cnpm install @yawetse/socket.io-adapter-mongo 
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*This module is modified from socket.io-redis

How to use

var io = require('socket.io')(3000);
var mongo = require('socket.io-adapter-mongo');
io.adapter(mongo({ host: 'localhost', port: 27017, db: 'mubsub' }));

By running socket.io with the socket.io-adapter-mongo adapter you can run multiple socket.io instances in different processes or servers that can all broadcast and emit events to and from each other.


adapter(uri[, opts])

uri is a string that matches a mongodb connection string



The following options are allowed:

  • key: the name of the key to pub/sub events on as prefix (socket.io)
  • host: host to connect to mongo on (localhost)
  • port: port to connect to mongo on (27017)
  • db: db to use in mongo (mubsub)
  • username: username to connect to mongo with
  • password: password to connect to mongo with
  • socket: unix domain socket to connect to mongo ("/tmp/mongo.sock"). Will be used instead of the host and port options if specified.
  • client: optional, the mubsub client to publish events on

If you decide to supply a client, make sure you use mubsub as a client or one with an equivalent API.



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