``` yarn add @xailabs/react-minscroll ``` ``` npm install --save @xailabs/react-minscroll ```
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$ cnpm install @xailabs/react-minscroll 
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yarn add @xailabs/react-minscroll
npm install --save @xailabs/react-minscroll

What is it?

A react wrapper component that only renders its children if the window is scrolled below a certain point.

That certain point may be one of these types:

  • number - amount of pixels
  • string - A css selector query that retrieves an Element
  • Element - reference to a DOM node.
  • function - A function that returns any of the previously mentioned types

You specify it using the minScroll prop. If minScroll resolves to an element, it's bottom position will be used (offsetTop + offsetHeight). If you have dynamic heights, maybe in responsive environments, use functions that measure and return the current values.


import React, {Component} from 'react';
import MinScroll from '@xailabs-minscroll';
export default class MyComponent {
    render() {
        return (
            <MinScroll minScroll={500}>
                I will only be visible when the window was scrolled 500 pixels!

Other props

  • offset - Will be added to minScroll
  • offsetNegative - Will be subtracted from minScroll

Both these props take the same types as minScroll (described above).

You might wonder why have a offsetNegative if you can just use offset={-50}. The reason for this is that you can only specify a negative number if the value actually is a number.
Using offsetNegative you can specify a selector or use an Element reference and have its bottom subtracted from minScroll.

You can also combine the two, using offset for smaller corrections:

    minScroll={'.AppHeader > div > .progress-container .ProgressBar'}
    offsetNegative={'.AppHeader .StickyHeader'}

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