The development environment toolset for blockchain projects
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$ cnpm install @worldsibu/insitor 
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Insitor is the development environment toolset for blockchain projects. It supports Hyperledger Fabric and is being ported to support other chain technologies.

It is an open source project under an Apache 2.0 license to help you create Convector projects easily.


  • Node 8.11.0 (other versions might work, but this is the one we use for development)
  • Docker


npm i -g @worldsibu/insitor

Basic network management

# Start a new blockchain network with 2 organizations, 2 users per organization, and 1 channel, localted at ~/Home/hyperledger-fabric-network
insitor new

# Clean every blockchain network deployment component
insitor clean


insitor new

Create a new blockchain network in your computer.

# New project
insitor new
    [-o -organizations <amount-of-organizations>]
    [-u -users <users-per-organization>]
    [-c -channels <amount-of-channels>]
    [-p -path <path-to-deploy >] # defaults to ~/Home/hyperledger-fabric-network

insitor clean

Clear your environment from all the components.

insitor clean

Roadmap ????

Have ideas? Post them in the Issues section.

Important ⚗️

This project is currently under development and it's changing fast, but you can use it for your projects and if something doesn't work or would like new features provide feedback. We love community feedback!

Currently based on Fabric Samples from Hyperledger Fabric.


  • For recommendations, feature requests, or bugs go to our issues section.
  • News on Convector, Insitor, or WorldSibu, subscribe to our Newsletter.
  • Need support? Chat directly with our team, join our Discord.

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