Logger class used by webpack-bundle-analyzer
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$ cnpm install @webpack-bundle-analyzer/logger 
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Logging implementation used in webpack-bundle-analyzer.


npm install --save @webpack-bundle-analyzer/logger


const Logger = require('@webpack-bundle-analyzer/logger');

// Possible logging levels are 'info', 'warn', 'error' and 'silent'.
const logger = new Logger('info');

logger.info('Informative message');
logger.warn('Warning, something is not right!');
logger.error('An error happened!');


new Logger(level: LogLevel);
Name Type Description
level One of: info, warn, error, silent The logging level to use. info displays all log messages, warn displays only .warn and .error logs, error displays only .error logs and silent displays none.


Yuriy Grunin

Vesa Laakso

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