Full node with extended capabilities using Vpubcore and Vpub Core (vpubd)
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$ cnpm install @vpubevo/vpubcore-node 
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Vpubcore Node


As a standalone server

git clone https://github.com/vpubchain/vpubcore-node.git
cd vpubcore-node
./bin/vpubcore-node start

When running the start command, it will seek for a .vpubcore folder with a vpubcore-node.json conf file. If it doesn't exist, it will create it, with basic task to connect to vpubd.

Some plugins are available :

  • Insight-API : ./bin/vpubcore-node addservice @vpubchain/insight-api
  • Insight-UI : ./bin/vpubcore-node addservice @vpubchain/insight-ui

You also might want to add these index to your vpub.conf file :


As a library

npm install @vpubevo/vpubcore-node
const vpubcore = require('@vpubevo/vpubcore-node');
const config = require('./vpubcore-node.json');

let node = vpubcore.scaffold.start({ path: "", config: config });
node.on('ready', function() {
    //Vpub core started
    vpubd.on('tx', function(txData) {
        let tx = new vpubcore.lib.Transaction(txData);


  • Vpub Core (vpubd) (v0.1.1) with support for additional indexing (see above)
  • Node.js v0.10, v0.12, v4 or v5
  • ZeroMQ (libzmq3-dev for Ubuntu/Debian or zeromq on OSX)
  • ~20GB of disk storage
  • ~1GB of RAM


Vpubcore includes a Command Line Interface (CLI) for managing, configuring and interfacing with your Vpubcore Node.

vpubcore-node create -d <vpub-data-dir> mynode
cd mynode
vpubcore-node install <service>
vpubcore-node install https://github.com/yourname/helloworld
vpubcore-node start

This will create a directory with configuration files for your node and install the necessary dependencies.

Please note that Vpub Core needs to be installed first.

Add-on Services

There are several add-on services available to extend the functionality of Bitcore:

Setting up dev environment (with Insight)

Prerequisite : Having a vpubd node already runing vpubd --daemon.

Vpubcore-node : git clone https://github.com/vpubchain/vpubcore-node Insight-api (optional) : git clone https://github.com/vpubchain/insight-api Insight-UI (optional) : git clone https://github.com/vpubchain/insight-ui

Install them :

cd vpubcore-node && npm install \
 && cd ../insight-ui && npm install \
 && cd ../insight-api && npm install && cd ..

Symbolic linking in parent folder :

npm link ../insight-api
npm link ../insight-ui

Start with ./bin/vpubcore-node start to first generate a ~/.vpubcore/vpubcore-node.json file. Append this file with "@vpubchain/insight-ui" and "@vpubchain/insight-api" in the services array.


Code released under the MIT license.

Copyright 2013-2015 BitPay, Inc.

  • bitcoin: Copyright (c) 2009-2015 Bitcoin Core Developers (MIT License)

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