Prettier and standard brought together!
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$ cnpm install @viztor/prettier-standard 
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prettier and standard brought together

While standard is a linter, prettier-standard is a formatter. You don't have to fix any warnings anymore :relieved:


yarn add --dev prettier-standard

If you're using the npm: npm install --save-dev prettier-standard.

You can also install globally with npm install -g prettier-standard


Prettier and standard brought together!

  $ prettier-standard [<glob>...]

  --log-level  Log level to use (default: warn)

  $ prettier-standard 'src/**/*.js'
  $ echo "const {foo} = "bar";" | prettier-standard

Typically you'll use this in your npm scripts (or package scripts):

  "scripts": {
    "format": "prettier-standard 'src/**/*.js'"

We also encourage to use husky and lint-staged. You can configure it as follows:

    "precommit": "lint-staged"
  "lint-staged": {
    "linters": {
      "src/**/*.js": [
        "git add"

NOTE: Unlike prettier this package simplifies your workflow by making --write flag a default, and allowing for passing code to stdin without additional --stdin flag. Now that's prettier!


It's probably best to use ale plugin. It supports multiple fixers, including prettier-standard:

Plug 'w0rp/ale'
let g:ale_fixers = {'javascript': ['prettier_standard']}
let g:ale_linters = {'javascript': ['']}
let g:ale_fix_on_save = 1

Sublime Text 3

It's possible to use 'prettier-standard' with Sublime Text 3.

  1. Install 'prettier-standard' globally according to the installation instructions above.
  2. Find the location of your installed executable file. On a unix based system (like MacOS):
$ which prettier-standard
  1. Copy the location. (e.g. /usr/local/bin/prettier-standard)
  2. Install SublimeJsPrettier according to their installation instructions.
  3. Open SublimeJsPrettier's default settings in Sublime and copy the line: "prettier_cli_path": ""
  4. Open SublimeJsPrettier's user settings in Sublime and add the line with the correct location of the 'prettier-standard' executable.
  "prettier_cli_path": "/usr/local/bin/prettier-standard",

You can now use 'prettier-standard' in Sublime Text 3 by opening the Command Palette (super + shift + p) and typing JsPrettier: Format Code.


Because this package is built on top of prettier-eslint, you can fully configure its behavior with custom .eslintrc file. For example you might want to opt-out of single quotes with following. Any eslint rules are supported.

  "rules": {
    "quotes": ["error", "double"],
    "jsx-quotes": ["error", "prefer-double"]

Additionally, you can use different versions of eslint and prettier. Just include them as a devDependency of your project. prettier-standard will properly recognize this, and use your versions of prettier and eslint instead.



This package follows all-contributors specification.

Adam Stankiewicz

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Kent C. Dodds


Adam Garrett-Harris


Benoit Averty




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