A package to keep all of our generator helpers packages, so everything can be updated more easily.
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$ cnpm install @videojs/generator-helpers 
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A package to keep all of our generator helpers packages, so everything can be updated more easily.


To install run

npm i --save-dev @videojs/generator-helpers

What does it provide/do

  • conventional-changelog-cli: provides a binary called conventional-changelog that we use to automate our changelog updates during release
  • conventional-changelog-videojs: won't be used directly, a conventional-changelog preset see the docs for that
  • doctoc: provides a doctoc binary that will a table of contents to any markdown file. Should be used with --notitle to avoid a title
  • lint-staged: provides a lint-staged binary that looks at package.json for instructions. See the docs or what we use in the generator
  • not-prerelease provides a not-prerelease and is-prerelease binary that look at the package.json in the current working directory and exit with a success or failure depending on the binary and if the current version is a prerelease or not.
  • npm-merge-driver-install mostly automatic git conflict merging for package-lock.json.
  • npm-run-all Allows us to use npm as a task runner and more easily run tasks in parallel/sequence. See the docs for more info
  • shx A cross platform and lightweight binary that supports running shell commands across operating system. See the docs for what it can do
  • husky provides git hooks so that certain commands can be run when git commands are run. See the docs

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