The verticalize CLI companion tool.
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$ cnpm install @verticalize/cli 
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The verticalize CLI companion tool.


$ npm install -g @verticalize/cli
$ verticalize COMMAND
running command...
$ verticalize (-v|--version|version)
@verticalize/cli/0.1.0 linux-x64 node-v12.13.1
$ verticalize --help [COMMAND]
  $ verticalize COMMAND


verticalize generate [DIR...]

generate configuration for dependency injected APIs.

  $ verticalize generate [DIR...]

  DIR...  the package directories to crawl [default: ./src]

  -c, --config=config      location of the (optional) configuration file - may be used to set defaults, e.g. '{"outDir":
                           "__generated__"}' [default: ./verticalize.json]

  -h, --help               show this usage information

  -o, --outDir=outDir      target directory for generated files - will be created if it does not exist [default:

  -p, --packages=packages  mapping of your folder structure to packages and modules [default:

                           NOTE: This will be used to parse and generate import statements as 'import ... from
                           "{scope}/{package}/{module}"' (also see --scope).

  -s, --scope=scope        package scope [default: @verticalize]

                           NOTE: This will be used to parse and generate import statements as 'import ... from
                           "{scope}/{package}/{module}"' (also see --packages).

  -t, --tags=tags          only include providers with at least one of the given tags (comma separated, excludes -v,
                           -t='' removes all providers, default: no filtering)

  -v, --variant=variant    build the given application variant (requires a variant configuration in the configuration
                           file, excludes -t, default: no specific variant will be built)

  -w, --watch              re-generate configuration on file changes (including changes to the configuration file if
                           given, default: false)

  $ verticalize generate -w ./src

See code: dist/commands/generate.ts

verticalize help [COMMAND]

display help for verticalize

  $ verticalize help [COMMAND]

  COMMAND  command to show help for

  --all  see all commands in CLI

See code: @oclif/plugin-help

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