Non-Intrusive deployment tools for Venzee's Web Applications
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$ cnpm install @venzee/deployment-tools 
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A library of deployment tools to address some of Venzee's deployment challenges.



The purpose of this script is to create a custom configuration based on environment variables. The expected variables are described below.


Required - The name of the target to build.

Venzee-specific standard targets - those that should no be defined as custom build targets - may include:

  • dev
  • local
  • prod
  • qa
  • rsqa
  • sandbox

An example for a custom build target may be Feature_TM1-1234 orBug_TM1-1234. Our build scripts might use that name to create sub domains, name S3 containers, etc.


Required - Path to the configuration file based on which to create the custom configuration. The file is expected to point to a JSON file.

On the build server, here is what will happen:

  1. The build script will load in the file located at the path at VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_BASE_CONFIG_PATH
  2. It will then apply changes defined in the environment with the prefix VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_PARAMETER_ to the configuration retrieved from that file, overriding those parameters.
  3. It will then overwrite the file at VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_BASE_CONFIG_PATH with the modified values


Optional - Prefix to use to define parameter overrides or additions.

Environmental variables with the VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_PARAMETER_ prefix will be added to or overridden in the existing configuration at VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_BASE_CONFIG_PATH

For example, VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_PARAMETER_SEGMENTIO_ID='A1234' will set the configuration value of SEGMENTIO_ID to A1234.

Complex types

The VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_PARAMETER_ prefix supports setting values of complex types. To set the value of a complex type, you define the path to the value you want to set after the prefix.

For example, say you had the following complex types in your configuration:

  "KEY_A": {
    "KEY_A_1": "Value_A"
  "KEY_B": [

Defining VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_PARAMETER_KEY_A__KEY_A_1='NEW_VALUE_A would set the configuration value of KEY_A_1 to NEW_VALUE_A.

Defining VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_PARAMETER_KEY_B___0='NEW_VALUE_B would set the configuration value of index 0 of KEY_B to NEW_VALUE_B.

:warning: The complex object implementation is rather crude. You can currently not combine Object and Array types. E.g. VENZEE_CUSTOM_BUILD_PARAMETER_KEY_A__KEY_A_1___0 would currently not work.

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