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üWave Announce Server

This is a small HTTP API service that keeps track of alive üWave servers. A public instance is available at https://announce.u-wave.net.


GET / - List available servers

Responds with a JSON object with a servers property. This servers property contains an array of server objects.

A server object looks like:

  • publicKey - The server's ID and public key.
  • name - The human-readable name of the server.
  • subtitle - A (very) short description of what the server is for. About 30 characters max.
  • description - A longer description about the server, with Markdown. Server hosts may choose to put rules etc in here.
  • booth - The current booth state. May be null if no song is playing, or an object with:
    • media - An object describing the song that's being played.
      • artist - The song artist.
      • title - The song title.
      • thumbnail - A URL to a thumbnail image for this song.
    • dj - An object describing the user playing the song.
      • username - The user's name.
  • usersCount - The amount of users that are currently online.
  • url - A URL to a hosted web application for the server.
  • apiUrl - The base URL for the server's api-v1 endpoint.
  • socketUrl - The URL to the server's api-v1 WebSocket endpoint.
  • timeSincePing - Time in milliseconds since the last time the server announced itself.

POST /announce/:publicKey - Announce your server

Send a JSON object in the body to announce information about your server. The publicKey URL parameter is a sodium public key and is used to verify that announces for a server aren't made up by someone else. The JSON body of the request should be signed using your server's private key.



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