The ⚙️ Gear: GraphQL Gear

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$ cnpm install @the-gear/graphql-gear 
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The ⚙️ Gear: GraphQL Gear

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yarn add @the-gear/graphql-gear

Getting started

Let's demonstrate simple usage with ... example:

// your code example


Go checkout examples !


Document your API here


<summary>How to do Foo</summary>

Today we're gonna build Foo.... </detail>


Execute yarn release which will handle following tasks:

  • bump package version and git tag
  • update/(create if it doesn't exist) CHANGELOG.md
  • push to github master branch + push tags
  • publish build packages to npm

releases are handled by awesome standard-version


  • To get from 1.1.2 to 1.1.2-0:

yarn release --prerelease

  • Alpha: To get from 1.1.2 to 1.1.2-alpha.0:

yarn release --prerelease alpha

  • Beta: To get from 1.1.2 to 1.1.2-beta.0:

yarn release --prerelease beta

Dry run mode

See what commands would be run, without committing to git or updating files

yarn release --dry-run

Check what files are gonna be published to npm

  • yarn pack OR yarn release:preflight which will create a tarball with everything that would get published to NPM


Test are written and run via Jest ????

yarn test
# OR
yarn test:watch

Style guide

Style guides are enforced by robots, I meant prettier and tslint of course ???? , so they'll let you know if you screwed something, but most of the time, they'll autofix things for you. Magic right ?

Style guide npm scripts

#Format and fix lint errors
yarn ts:style:fix

Generate documentation

yarn docs

Commit ( via commitizen )

  • this is preferred way how to create conventional-changelog valid commits
  • if you prefer your custom tool we provide a commit hook linter which will error out, it you provide invalid commit message
  • if you are in rush and just wanna skip commit message validation just prefix your message with WIP: something done ( if you do this please squash your work when you're done with proper commit message so standard-version can create Changelog and bump version of your library appropriately )

yarn commit - will invoke commitizen CLI



MIT as always

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