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Bitcore Client

A helper to create a wallet using the bitcore-v8 infrastructure.


This repo should allow you to create a wallet using the bitcore-v8 infrastructure.

Currently we have the following features

  • Wallet Creation
  • Importing Addresses to the Wallet
  • View Only
  • Send Enabled by including the privKey
  • Instant balance checking
  • Transaction Creation
  • Transaction Signing
  • Transaction Broadcasting
  • Multi-Sig address derive/importing


Wallet Create

No baseUrl flag will automatically create a wallet that points to https://api.bitcore.io/api.

./wallet-create --name TestWalletBTC --chain BTC --network mainnet

To create a wallet to point to local bitcore-node.

./wallet-create --name myregtestwallet --chain BCH --network regtest --baseUrl http://localhost:3000/api

Register an Existing Wallet

Register an existing wallet to point to custom Bitcore API url.

./wallet-register --name myregtestwallet --baseUrl https://api.bitcore.io/api

Or a local Bitcore-node

./wallet-register --name myregtestwallet --baseUrl http://localhost:3000/api

Wallet Address Import

You can import a jsonl file. privKey and pubKey are optional. If you provide privKey, pubKey must be provided as well.

{"address": "mXy1234", privKey: "xxxxxxx", pubKey: "yyyyyyyy"}
{"address": "mXy1234", privKey: "xxxxxxx", pubKey: "yyyyyyyy"}
{"address": "mXy1234", privKey: "xxxxxxx", pubKey: "yyyyyyyy"}
./wallet-import --name TestWalletBTC --file ~/Desktop/export.jsonl

You can also import an address in json format in the command line.

./wallet-import --name myregtestwallet --parse '[{"address":"mXy1234"}]'

Balance Checking

./wallet-balance --name TestWalletBTC

Balance Checking at Specific Date or Time

./wallet-balance --name TestWalletBTC --time 01-15-2019

Valid types of time (no slash marks allowed):

"Wed Jan 16 2019 13:34:20 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)"

Wallet UTXOS

./bin/wallet-utxos --name TestWalletBTC

Transaction Creation

./bin/wallet-tx --addresses '[{"address": "moVf5Rf1r4Dn3URQHumEzvq3vtrFbaRvNr", "satoshis": 2500000000}]' --fee 100 --utxos '[{"txid":"28321f501ce47db1fd40d9ad461624bf9fe6cb581ac0177d17304ff128b86d61","vout":0,"address":"mhwfzHhBdpUKLTzGkUEUpJWa3ipTYZHjF8","script":"21033a3c1aa3fb35e07fe7ff44423c8d378c2d4610ffac8b08c4e6747d7573566937ac","value":5000000000}]' --change "mz21R16FYXfA6G4EJdCrTsduvX9BHHecvv" --name TestWalletBTC --amount 2500000000

Transaction Signing

./bin/wallet-sign --name TestWalletBTC --tx 0100000001616db828f14f30177d17c01a58cbe69fbf241646add940fdb17de41c501f32280000000000ffffffff0200f90295000000001976a914578237b9848cc709ced0e098417e0494415add1488ac9cf80295000000001976a914caf0ee682de3daa9b3640da1f6d47cc04ce2c99e88ac00000000

Transaction Broadcast

./bin/wallet-broadcast --name TestWalletBTC --tx 0100000001616db828f14f30177d17c01a58cbe69fbf241646add940fdb17de41c501f32280000000048473044022052cf595274c422c37d140989c8cc31c95b39d326b5eac8d4feb8bcceebdebc3f02205635c798c24ae1d44d0871e6938dbfd76293e695131d890838654816f28b942401ffffffff0200f90295000000001976a914578237b9848cc709ced0e098417e0494415add1488ac9cf80295000000001976a914caf0ee682de3daa9b3640da1f6d47cc04ce2c99e88ac00000000


See CONTRIBUTING.md on the main bitcore repo for information about how to contribute.


Code released under the MIT license.

Copyright 2013-2019 BitPay, Inc. Bitcore is a trademark maintained by BitPay, Inc.

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