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$ cnpm install @supabot/check 
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And find the docs in our wiki!

Check your environment

This ensures you have everything wired up correctly. See the wiki for the latest env requirements.

npm run env

Start a development webserver

Note: changes to the backend require restarting.

npm run dev

JS and CSS assets in ./src/clients/www/ are automatically recompiled.

Run the tests

Run tests for both clients and services.

npm test

You can run a single services test:

# run the http tests
./scripts/t test/http/test-http

# or perhaps:
./scripts/t test/data/test-account.js


Commits to master and production branches run the test suites.

Codeship Status for checkplease/check


Deploy to production (often!)

  1. write your code on a feature branch git checkout -b 'feature-branch'
  2. commit changes and rebase from master often git commit -am 'tests pass' && git rebase master
  3. push to master branch deploys to staging git push origin master
  4. push to production branch deploys to production. protip: git aws.push

Other useful tools

migrate ... creates the dynamodb tables (if they don't exist)
offline ... start dynamodb local
repl ...... start a repl

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