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$ cnpm install @storybook/ember-cli-storybook 
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???? Ember storybook adapter


ember install ember-cli-storybook


This will be triggered automatically as a post build action when running ember build

package.json options (defaults)

"storybook": {
  "ignoreTestFiles": true


Components that need routing for query parameters

The Storybook integration for Ember renders stories into a custom component in a router-less environment. This works for many situations but is insufficient when you have a story that requires query parameters, like a component that persists sorting or pagination information to the URL. There鈥檚 no official way to accomplish this as of yet, but you can work around it by dynamically adding a route, visiting it using the private startRouting API, and injecting a pseudo-controller, such as in this utility function:

function injectRoutedController(controllerClass) {
  return on('init', function() {
    let container = getOwner(this);
    container.register('controller:storybook', controllerClass);

    let routerFactory = container.factoryFor('router:main');
    routerFactory.class.map(function() {

    let router = container.lookup('router:main');
    router.initialURL = 'storybook';

    this.set('controller', container.lookup('controller:storybook'));

Then you can use it in a story like this:

export let SortableColumns = () => {
  return {
    template: hbs`
      <ListTable @source={{sortedShortList}} @sortProperty={{controller.sortProperty}} @sortDescending={{controller.sortDescending}} as |t|>
          <t.sort-by @prop="name">Name</t.sort-by>
          <t.sort-by @prop="lang">Language</t.sort-by>
        <t.body @key="model.name" as |row|>
    context: {
      injectRoutedController: injectRoutedController(
          queryParams: ['sortProperty', 'sortDescending'],
          sortProperty: 'name',
          sortDescending: false,

      sortedShortList: computed('controller.sortProperty', 'controller.sortDescending', function() {
        let sorted = productMetadata.sortBy(this.get('controller.sortProperty') || 'name');
        return this.get('controller.sortDescending') ? sorted.reverse() : sorted;

preview-head generation race condition

The .storybook/preview-head.html file is auto-generated and changes based on your config/environment.js and whether it鈥檚 a static or live-updating build of Storybook. This means that you鈥檒l often see version control diffs for it, which can be bothersome.

Since the file is auto-generated, it would be nice to add it to .gitignore so it no longer shows up in diffs. Unfortunately, the documented way of starting a live-updating Storybook launches Ember CLI and Storybook in parallel, which means that in many cases, the preview-head file will not have been generated by the time Storybook needs it. To work around this if you want to ignore preview-head, you could either start Ember CLI and Storybook separately or create a script to launch them in sequence.

Stories that render blank or distorted

In some situations, components don鈥檛 render properly in stories, such as when dynamically-calculated container widths are zero or contents are blank. The cause for this is as-yet unknown, but an unfortunate workaround like this utility class can help in the meantime, by delaying the insertion of the component until the container element has been fully rendered:

import EmberObject from '@ember/object';
import { next } from '@ember/runloop';

export default EmberObject.extend({
  init() {
    this.set('complete', false);

    next(this, () => {
      this.set('complete', true);

Here鈥檚 an example of it being used in a story:

export let Standard = () => {
  return {
    template: hbs`
      <div class="block" style="height:50px; width:200px;">
        {{#if delayedTruth.complete}}
          <DistributionBar @data={{distributionBarData}} />
    context: {
      delayedTruth: DelayedTruth.create(),
      distributionBarData: [
        { label: 'one', value: 10 },
        { label: 'two', value: 20 },


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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