Storybook Component Story Format (CSF) utilities
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$ cnpm install @storybook/csf 
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Storybook Component Story Format (CSF)

A minimal set of utility functions for dealing with Storybook Component Story Format (CSF).


yarn add @storybook/csf


See package source for function definitions and types:

  • isExportStory(key, { includeStories, excludeStories }) - Does a named export match CSF inclusion/exclusion options?

  • parseKind(kind, { rootSeparator, groupSeparator }) - Parse out the component/kind name from a path, using the given separator config.

  • sanitize(string) - Remove punctuation and illegal characters from a story ID.

  • toId(kind, name) - Generate a storybook ID from a component/kind and story name.


If you have any suggestions, please open an issue or a PR.

All contributions are welcome!

run tests:

yarn test

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