A polyfill for higher-order functions that are compatible with Stopify
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$ cnpm install @stopify/higher-order-functions 
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JavaScript programs that use native higher-order functions (e.g., Array.prototype.map, Array.prototype.filter, etc.) are not compatible with Stopify, since Stopify cannot instrument native functions to capture continuations. This package provides polyfills for these functions that work with Stopify.


Before compiling the program with Stopify, use the compiler in this library to call the polyfill functions:

const ast = babylon.parse(code);
const polyfilled = polyfillHofFromAst(ast.program);
const runner = stopify.stopifyLocallyFromAst(polyfilled,
    undefined, compilerOpts, runtimeOpts);

This wraps arrays to call $stopifyArray, which needs to be a global:

runner.g.$stopifyArray: function(array: any) {
    return require('@stopify/higher-order/functions/dist/ts/mozillaHofPolyfill.lazy')

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