An expandable/collapsible drawer component for React Native that supports scrollable content
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$ cnpm install @ssaul/expandable-scrollable-drawer 
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Expandable drawer component for React Native that supports scrollable content and can be controlled programatically.

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$ yarn add expandable-scrollable-drawer


$ npm install expandable-scrollable-drawer --save


import { Drawer } from 'expandable-scrollable-drawer'


  drawerPosition={ 'collapsed' }
  onChange={ newPosition => {} }>
  /* Content Here */


Prop Type Description Default Possible Values
dismissFromFullHeight bool If true, swiping down from the full height will dismiss the drawer. If false, swiping down from the full height will collapse the drawer. false true, false
expandable bool If true, allows the drawer to be dragged up to expand. If false, the drawer can only be dismissed. true true, false
drawerPosition string sets the drawer's starting position and allows it to be controlled programatically. collapsed collapsed, expanded, dismissed
drawerStyle object Customize the drawer's background color or other style props { } { }
handleBarStyle object Customize the handle bar's size, color, opactiy, etc. { } { }
onChange func Function is called when the drawer's state changes ()=>{ } collapsed, expanded, dismissed

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