A JavaScript SQL (lite) database that shouldn't be used for production.
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JSDB attempts to be a SQL lite database written entirely in JavaScript. This is purely an experiment for my own learning experience but I hope that down the line, JSDB becomes a tool that people could use (in theory).

Currently, JSDB is mainly developed as a command line interface, but I started implementing its Node module counterpart.



Node needs to be installed. Note that the code base is written in ECMAScript 6 and runs using Babel. JSDB also uses Mocha for its testing framework and Chai as its assertion library.


Follow these steps to install and run JSDB:

$ git clone https://github.com/srbdev/jsdb.git
$ cd jsdb
$ npm install
$ npm start

Follow these steps to install JSDB as a Node module:

$ npm install @srbdev/jsdb --save

Then add the following snippet at the top of the .js file:

const jsdb = require('@srbdev/jsdb')

How It Works

Click here to use JSDB on the command line.

Click here to use JSDB as a Node module.

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