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$ cnpm install @spotx/analytics-plugins 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.

@spotx/analytics_ui_plugins ????????

analytics_ui_plugins repo allows us to create custom Viz npm packages that can be imported into the analytics platform. For a complete list of SpotX NPM plugins, visit npm-spotx. All of the packages hosted on NPM are published under the @spotx organization scope. Organization scopes are like namespaces, and they allow multiple members to publish and update packages under one common namespace.

How to Build and Publish to NPM

  1. Add a new plugin or make changes to the existing one

  2. Publish to NPM

    1. Bump package.json version. We follow the semver naming convetion ( npm version <major | minor | patch> )
    2. In the root repo, run yarn install then yarn build
    3. Log into NPM
    4. Push your changes using npm publish --access public
  3. You can test your changes by pulling the package locally

    1. npm i @spotx/analytics_ui_plugins
    2. cd into node_modules/@spotx/analytics_ui_plugins
    3. /src file will not be included, we only care about the minified files in the lib folder

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