CLI tool to backup Azure storage account to file system.
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$ cnpm install @simplrjs/azure-storage-backup 
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CLI tool to backup Azure storage account to file system.

Get started

npm install @simplrjs/azure-storage-backup -g


  • Retrieves statistics of your Azure storage account.
  • Downloads blobs from Azure storage account.
  • Checks for missing files in your file system after download.
  • Allows you to define a count of downloads performed concurrently.
  • Allows you to define a count of failed download retries.

Command line


azure-storage-backup -h


Command Description
init Generates a configuration file.
stats Provides a statistics about blobs in Azure Storage account containers.
check Checks if all blobs from Azure Storage were downloaded to your file system.
sync Downloads all blobs that are missing in your file system.


Argument Type Default Description
config string process.cwd(); Config file path.
container string - Performs an action on a specific container instead of all Azure storage account.
noCache boolean false Prevents using cached values from previously performed actions.


You can generate configuration using CLI command init:

azure-storage-backup init

It will also add a JSON schema to your generated configuration JSON.

Default configuration file name is backup.config.json.

Property Type Default Description
storageAccount(*) string - Name of your Azure storage account.
storageAccessKey(*) string - A key to access your Azure storage account.
storageHost string - Azure storage account host.
outDir string process.cwd(); An output directory for downloaded blobs from your storage account.
maxRetriesCount number 3 Max retries count for failed operations (container blobs list fetching or blobs downloading).
logPath string process.cwd();(1) Path to log file.
simultaneousDownloadsCount number 5 Count of concurrently performed blob downloads.
noLogFile boolean false Prevents to logging CLI activities to a log file.

(*) - Required properties.

(1) - Default log file name is .backup-log.

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