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$ cnpm install @shopify/splash 
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splash (beta)

splash is utilities library that helps with parsing and building a dependency graph of a Shopify JS project

It is used by consuming projects to identify dependencies and aid in manual testing.



  fileName: string;
  dependencies: string[];


getDependencies(codebaseGlob: string, ignoreGlob: string, fileGlobs: string[]): Promise<Dependencies>

This is the main function of the library. It will build a dependency graph for all files within the codebaseGlob, ignoring the files in ignoreGlob, and then build the dependency tree for all files in fileGlobs. It returns a promise that returns an array of objects containing the dependencies for each of the files in fileGlobs.

codebaseGlob: string: A glob for the codebase that you want to build the dependency graph for. Example: src/**/*.tsx

ignoreGlob: string: A glob for the codebase that you want to build the dependency graph for. Example src/**/test/*

fileGlobs: string[]: A list of globs for all the files to build the dependency tree for. Example: ['src/Button/Button.tsx', 'src/List/List.tsx']

getGitStagedFiles(scope: string): Promise<string[]>

This is a helper function to run Splash locally. It runs git status and outputs a list of files modified. Call it, and use its output as the fileGlobs input for the getDependencies function.

scope: string: A filepath to filter filenames. For example, if the scope is src/ then only files starting with src/ would be included in the output. This means the file .eslintrc would be filtered from the output. Example: src/

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