Manages the environment variables which are needed by Slate to interact with Shopify servers.
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$ cnpm install @shopify/slate-env 
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Manages the environment variables which are needed by Slate to interact with Shopify servers. Can create and run .env files used to store Slate environment variables for development.

By default, Slate will look for a .env file with environment variables.

Alternatively, users can specify --env with slate-tools scripts to use associated .env.{env} file. For example:

$ slate-tools start --env=production

will look for a .env.production file.

Default .env file format

# The myshopify.com URL to your Shopify store

# The API password generated from a Private App

# The ID of the theme you wish to upload files to

# A list of file patterns to ignore, with each list item separated by ':'
# These patterns are relative to the `dist/` directory of your project. Slate
# performs a number of transformations to files in the `src/` before exporting
# them to `dist/`, so the best way to make sure a file will be ignored is to run
# `node node_modules/.bin/slate-tools build` or `yarn build` and inspect the
# contents for the `dist/` directory for files you wish to ignore.

# The email of the user to register for Slate analytics. Skips prompt for email.

Store / Environment Configuration Tips

Knowing what to put in your .env isn't always straightforward. This guide aims to clarify what data is needed, and where to get it.

Note: ThemeKit is the tool that powers Slate deploys. See it's configuration variables documentation for more details.

Finding your SLATE_THEME_ID

_warning: some commands (start, deploy) will overwrite the existing code on this SLATE_THEME_ID with your local project's content. To avoid losing work, we suggest you go to /admin/themes and duplicate an existing theme to work from.

Go to your store's /admin/themes.xml, and copy the id for the theme you would like to update:



alternatively, you can set the SLATE_THEME_ID to "live" to update the published theme

Generating your SLATE_PASSWORD

Navigate to your store's private apps page (/admin/apps/private).


Create a new private app and copy the password:


Assign the private app permissions to "Read and Write" for theme templates and theme assets:


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